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Spaceport America in summer 2015

2015 I was again in the same area, and of course I wanted to see what has become of Spaceport America in the meantime. A lot has happened!

Panoramic view of the desert in the south of New Mexico

Right now the spaceport is still not in use, it is questionnable if it can still be visited as a non spaceflight participant once regular operations have started.

Follow The Sun Tours in Truth or Consequences - it starts from here

The landmark of the spaceport - the sculpture of the crescent moon

The entrance - it would be nice if I could take off myself in the future

At the end of the entrance a dark hole swallows the people

These things await you then

A SpaceShipTwo was also on display

The spaceport is very keen on sustainability and energy conservancy, as one can read here

Visitors terrace for the takeoffs, still empty... with thunderstorms in the background

Generally it could be said that it was very green for New Mexico, lately it had rained unusually much.

Elephant Butte Dam (construction year 1916), on the way to the spaceport

and - not really fitting - the Half Moon Street

Anothe view of the entrance with another sculpturer

The reception, still unstaffed

and a round tour about the history of mankind from the Stone Age to the Space Age

Here the White Knight 2, the carrier aircraft of the SpaceShipTwo, is supposed to be parked

Of course there has to be a fire brigade!

This view lets one grasp the size of the runway (length: unbelievable 5 km!)

Here is a panoramic view

The hangar from the front side

The control center with the "eye" that overlooks everything

Spaceport 2011

The Spaceport America website

Follow The Sun Tours, official tour provider

...and from the side

Even from the side it is outstanding

On leaving the building one can see again the landmark

And then the spaceport disappears in the landscape as if nothing has ever been there...