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The northern lights

In October the nights in northern Sweden are already long, from about 4 p.m. on it gets dark. But then in the evening you can see one of the most beautiful things nature can offer: Northern lights!

Here some pictures made by my teammates:

Northern lights sometimes move very fast, sometimes you see flowing curtains, sometimes lighter and sometimes darker. All this happens in complete silence, but nevertheless, as strange as it sounds, I have the impression that I can feel them. They sing and dance not for our ears, but for our hearts. I rarely have seen something more beautiful...

Flowing curtains

Sometimes the whole sky turns green, more or less intense. In one night the lights were dancing right above the Esrange.

Big dipper with northern lights

Northern lights above the Esrange

Sometimes the northern lights stay far in the north and rarely move. Sometimes they form curtains flowing in an invisible wind. Sometimes the curtains seem to come close to the ground.

Curtains show the lines of the Earth's magnetic field

Fast moving northern lights

Northern light with moonshine

A curtain in the north