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That's me!

My name is Tanja Lehmann, I am born in Offenburg in the Kinzig valley and currently living in Munich.

After my Abitur (german high school graduation) I spent a year in the United States with a Navajo family.

After that I became a doctor's receptionist and worked in this profession for two years.

Then I decided to go a new way and studied electrical engineering / communication technologies at the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg. For my first practical semester I worked at Marconi Communications in Offenburg. I spent my 2nd practical semester at Eurospace in Floeha near Chemnitz. You can find a summary of my work here (german, PDF 119 KB). I wrote my diploma thesis in cooperation with the Institute of Astronautics of the Technical University in Munich and the German Space Agency in Oberpfaffenhofen, designing and building the receiving part of the LRT ground station.

Currently I am working as a test engineer in an aerospace company located close to Munich.

Since I was a child I was fascinated by everything that had to do with space travel and weightlessness. Then in September 2002 I had the occasion to participate in ESA's 5th Student Parabolic flight campaign, which was a very interesting experience and gave me a first insight into space sciences.

What I like:

Native American, African, Asian,
Oriental, Irish, Indian, Medieval
and other world music

Aerobatic flights and roller coasters
Parabolic flights

Observing eclipses and northern lights

Good food, especially asian
Cooking Native American food

My hobbies

- flying glider planes
- Trampolining
- Playing Native American flute
- Beadwork

In addition I'm interested in

- Space travel, and everything that concerns the topic weightlessness
- Astronomy
- Science
- Native American cultures
- the traditional dress of my home in the Kinzig valley

Space links can be found here.

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