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Press releases

Beginning of April 2002:

Interview in SWR 4 (written translation from the german recording)

May 15, 2002:

Offenburger Tageblatt: Excursion into weightlessness (german)

August 8, 2002:

Badische Zeitung: 30 seconds at "zero gravity" (german)
download the article (german, PDF 48,6 KB)

August 16, 2002:

Offenburger Tageblatt: On magnetic soles through space (german)

End of August 2002:

Another interview in SWR 4

September 8 - 9, 2002:

Presentation of the participation of the FHO-0g flyers in
the SPFC at the Space Days in Neubrandenburg

Middle of September 2002:

Report in SWR 4 about the participation in the Student
Parabolic Flight Campaign

November 2002:

Article in german astronomy and space magazine "Star Observer":
Zero Gravity - only shuttle flights are better
download the article (german, PDF 778 KB)

November 17, 2002:

Regional Sunday Newspaper Guller: Weightless in the Airbus 300
above the Atlantic Ocean

December 5, 2002:

Presentation at the FH Offenburg about the
participation in the parabolic flight campaign

December 2002:

Swiss flight magazine Cockpit: Experience of parabolic flight (german)

December 2002:

Horizonte (University science magazine in Baden-Wuerttemberg:
Successful participation at the ESA parabolic flight campaign for students 2002 (german)

February 2003:

FH magazine Campus:
30 seconds at "zero gravity" (german)

March 2003:

Futuro (student magazine of the Universidad Galileo, Guatemala):
Parabolic flight (spanish)

July 2003:

IAF research report:
Successful participation of FHO team in ESA Student Parabolic Flight Campaign 2002 (german)


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