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MIRIAM-2 parabolic flights

The MIRIAM-2 team in 2015 took part in the 63rd ESA parabolic flight campaign in Bordeaux, and then again in 2017 in the 68th ESA parabolic flight campaign. Since in 2015 the deployment mechanism of the balloon didn't work as expected, it was decided that after implementation of some improvements and several ground tests a final qualification in weightlessness has to be performed, before the mechanism is cleared for the MIRIAM-2 sounding rocket flight.

Due to an advice of a fellow flyer in 2015 and after several phone calls and e-mails we could achieve that the European Space Agency (ESA) got interested in our project. That way the Mars Society Germany has been accepted into the GSTP (General Technology Support Programme) technology promotion programme of ESA. With this money the development of the electronic hardware of the MIRIAM-2 spacecraft, the parabolic flight test, the acquisition of several mechanical parts and other necessary acquisitions for the sounding rocket flight could be financed.

Parabolic flight reports

Parabolic flight 2015

Parabolic flight 2017


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