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Novespace workshop July 2015

On July 1st, 2015 I was invited to Bordeaux for a preparation workshop as the project leader of the Archimedes parabolic flight team, to get to know the facilities and the new zero-g aircraft A310, and also to discuss technical details of the experiment for the parabolic flight 2015.

For the repetition of the parabolic flight in 2017 this workshop was not necessary any more since the experiment setup did not change much.

The arrival happened in hot summer weather with some nice views of Bordeaux from above.

After takeoff from Amsterdam Schiphol airport

Sunset over the Gironde river

A few impressions from the hotel L'Escadrille

The Novespace facilities:



Access to the plane is restricted for safety reasons

This is the new A310, the former Federal Republic of Germany chancelor airbus.

A view into the cockpit

Estimation of handrail height

Briefing rooms

Briefing room for Discovery flights

If you now wonder what the discovery flights are: These are flights for the general public, where everyone with the necessary cash can book a flight and experience first hand the world of zero-g. The discovery flights can be booked here: Air Zero-G.

Here you can see what the zero-g airplane looks like inside:

Control panels

Electrical connections for experiments

The experiment space

Here everything will be occupied by experiments during the flight and it will look much less spacy than it looks now.

Seats for takeoff and landing